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Terms and Conditions

All GOnow Bikes are hired and used at own risk.
The bike user must adhere to the user instructions, and must understand the inherent dangers and risks associated with bicycling and assume and accept any and all risks of injury, paralysis and or death.
The correct use for the bikes and user instructions/ induction course are demonstrated to each rider by a staff member prior to departing from the offices of Ocean Odyssey.
There is a cut off age limit of 12 years for children, children must be able to reach the pedals and their fingers must be able to extend to the brakes.
Each child must be accompanied by at least one adult who will be riding with the child or children and be responsible for their safety during the ride.
The electric Gonow bikes are powered by a battery, and provide pedal assist, this is deactivated by applying brakes.
Pedal assist setting can be set on 0 (no assistance) , 1,2 0r 3 for full assist.

The user must comply with the correct bike use instructions as well as the general safety instructions as a road user, understanding that the user will be riding the bike along public roads, cycle routes and pavements.
The bike user must inspect the bike for any damage and point out any visible problems prior to departing, and will be responsible for any damage that is caused to the bike during the period of hire.
Responsibility for the bike is absolute, whether or not the damage was caused by negligence, vicarious or otherwise.
Any user must declare whether he has any medical issues or disability that might limit his ability to operate the bike correctly or preclude him/her from cycling.
Bike users are required to sign an indemnity form prior to taking the bikes from the Ocean Odyssey premises.
The user waives the right to any and all claims whatsoever cause or nature, against Ocean odyssey CC. or its employees or agent for any loss, damage or harm that may be suffered or sustained arising out of or in connection with the use of the bicycles and all other functions and events related hereto.

The bikes are hired by the hour and the user will be billed accordingly from the time of departure till the time that the bike is returned.

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Email: info@springtide.co.za/ info@oceanodyssey.co.za

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